Postini Spam Blitz

Recently, spam levels have increased by about 25% and we have seen an increased transmission of viruses being sent through email systems as well.  With these higher levels, you will likely find a couple things:

1.) More spam in your in box.  Because of the higher levels, even if the same percentage misses the filtering, it will seem like an increase in spam.  Because of the greater quantity, we are also seeing greater variety.  This poses a greater challenge for the filtration to keep up.

2.) More false positives.  Again, since there are greater amounts, the same percentage of false positives will seem like an increase.  Keep checking  your quarantine so as to be sure you are not missing anything.

3.) Some very crafty spam which looks exceptionally legitimate.  Do not fall prey to these very sly messages.  Do not click on links that tell you to download a file or patch for an update. 

Let us know if you have any questions.