Toshiba Fails in Customer Service

If a device fails after warranty, do not bother asking for repair, Toshiba cannot help you.
Virtual~Sands has been supporting and recommending Toshiba products for over twenty years. We have often found their laptops and hard drives to be some of the most reliable and best value in the industry. Times change. 
Solid state drives with a MTBF of around one million hours should provide reliable service for many years.  Recently, however, we have had the unpleasant experience of repeated failures on a Revo SSD by OCZ (an acquisition of Toshiba). The first failure occurred within the warranty period. Toshiba handled it promptly and thoroughly meeting expectations.
But what happens when a second failure occurs within five years given a three year warranty? One contacts support and is told Toshiba offers no post-warranty repair service -- even for a fee. Bringing this to the attention of those in positions that should be equipped to deliver exceptional service such as, the Director of Product Management, Consumer SSDs, & Storage Outbound Marketing and the Director of Technical Services, does not yield any better result than basic support.
In short, for any failure beyond warranty, you are told to throw the product out. This is like saying if you get a flat tire after the warranty period of your car, take it to the junkyard. That response is unacceptable. When a company tells you that you have to discard a $700 piece of technology because they cannot repair it, even for a fee, they fail. So, for the loyalty Virtual~Sands has given Toshiba, there was no return on investment.
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