Things are not always what they seem!

We all get plenty of spam, but when it crosses the line to fraud and identity theft we have to be extra cautious.
The attached screenshot looks normal:
In fact all of the links are valid and they take you to where you would expect to go except for the "Update Your Account Details." This link takes you to a deceptive site. Some browsers might alert you to this fact, but if they don't, take heed and keep your eyes open. Letting your mouse hover over the button will uncover the deception revealing that the button takes you to, a site in Indonesia and not Amazon at all.  If you happen to click it, and get to their landing page, it looks like an Amazon login... ready and waiting to capture your user name and password.   Note the URL in the browser address bar is the Indonesia site.   Be aware of these deceptions designed to gain access to your Amazon account.  Happy and Safe Surfing!
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