Hamachi Upgrade

We are in the process of upgrading hamachi applications for all clients.  This upgrade allows better configuration of networks and higher security.  From the user side, this also brings some changes.

Hamachi now has two separate parts.  The primary component is a service which runs in the background.  This component constructs the network connections.  The second part is the user interface.  This does not load automatically, but can be started by going to your Start menu

All Programs / LogMeIn Hamachi

and then running the program.  This user interface allows you to see the status of your connection, chat, and see the other machines in your networks.  It also puts an icon in the tray.  As with the old Hamachi, if it registers as "offline" you are not connected.  You can click the square blue "power" button in the upper left to turn it on.

There are some differences from the old Hamachi.

1.) The logo has now changed to a blue circle with 3 white dots instead of the 3 green dots before.  Note that this blue circle will appear gray in the tray if it's offline.  Further, this icon will only show if you have the user interface running.

2.) You cannot chat unless the user interface is open.  However, you can receive chat posts that will be stored while the interface is closed.  When you start the user interface, the received messages will be displayed.

3.) Your networks may have changed or the machines in them.  Hamachi2 allows for various types of networks.  In the past, everything was a "mesh" network.  Meaning every computer could see every other computer.  Now, it is possible to create things like a hub and spoke, allowing only certain machines to be visible thus increasing the security of the others in the system.

4.) Approvals and options.  Creating and joining networks may be limited.  Further, your settings may be limited.  As with anything computer related, the simpler the system is kept the more reliable.  This in mind, Hamachi 2 interface may be kept very minimal and managed externally.

Get in touch if there are any questions about the new Hamachi 2.