Email Updates

In an effort keep the flow of email smooth there have been a number of changes and improvements made to the email system recently.

Recent Changes:
1.) Addition of a new server acting as a relay.  This provides an additional non-blacklisted channel for email to various large ISPs with certain restrictions.

2.) Addition of reverse DNS on the primary server to comply with various large ISP's regulations.

3.) Additional support for remote backup and hot redundancy.

Recent Downtime:
As a result of what seems to be a power failure on the server (mishap with the Masterswitch, power cord, moving, etc.) by the network center personnel, the mirror drives lost synchronization.  When the integrity of the mirror is in question, the system stops all write activity to preserve the current status.  Thus, the system shuts down.  Alerts were issued by automated means within 3 minutes of the issue.  Although the issue could have been resolved remotely, the decision was made to solve it on-site at the network center.  Once on site, email sending was restored in 15 minutes.  Email receipt was restored instantly from the time the server went offline because of queuing at Postini, and retrieval was restored within 3 hours of arrival at the network center.  Your patience was greatly appreciated.