Maintenance Profile 5.6 Released

Staying current for speed and security.

Computers and servers like any piece of sensitive equipment or machinery will work best and provide expected results the longest with regular maintenance. Like an oil change for your computer, our preventive care keeps things running smoothly. We check for optimization, security, data protection, and the latest software features. The maintenance profile provides a framework for consistent application of these comprehensive set of value points. This latest version checks over 200 aspects of configuration including software updates and system issues.   Some key updates:
  • Windows Advantage Support has received a major update.  Customizable menus, important shortcuts, and ability to identify the most current versions of windows.
  • Updated remote access for better support.
  • Removed some outdated aspects of maintenance releases
  • Processes include more rigorous continuity and recovery steps
Inevitably, it improves user experience and positively impacts your bottom line.

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That's what we do.