Expired Apple ID? I don't think so!

Looks real!  Until you look at the web address.  And filling it in will collect all of your personal information... apple ID, address, whatever else you want to give.  Don't be a victim.
These are the kinds of emails that Virtual~Sands frequently answers questions on and works to educate our clients about. This is only a small fraction of our data security practices because your money and identity are important to safeguard as well.
We will not only work to solidify your perimeter by assessing your current security parameters, and discover vulnerabilities or gaps, but also look at the larger picture of your organization's security. Some things we can help with are:
  • Security policy generation and implementation.
  • Machine decontamination and preventive care.
  • Network firewalls.
  • External filtering to reduce spam and threats.
  • Stolen data recovery measures.
  • Mitigate malicious intent through software or people.
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